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Estate of the art.

There is a word for the creative and curious, with the intelligence to examine convention and explore the new: Vanguard. Whether it’s art or architecture, ideas, or interiors, it is an exciting place to be. Vanguard in Kellyville embodies this ethos by being at the forefront of inspiring architectural design.

A crafted community.

Comprising just 53 two-storey residences, each with five bedrooms and three bathrooms, Vanguard presents a bold idea: to view community creation as an artform. The design of the streetscapes strikes a perfect balance between individuality and cohesion – with a considered approach to the overall aesthetic. The result will be a welcoming and beautifully presented community that every resident will relish coming home to.

Flexible thinking.
Dynamic design.

In true modernist style, form follows function. Consideration has gone into creating floorplans that work for your family at every life stage. An outdoor terrace becomes an extension of the kitchen and dining area.
A ground floor room adapts from home office, to home studio, to accommodating multi-generational living. The layouts are infused with creativity to deliver true flexibility.



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